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This blog is designed mainly for beginner French students and their teachers. You will notice that most of the websites are interactive, free, ad-free, and do not require any registration. This collection can be used by teachers in class, or for individual students on their own computers, either in school or at home. 

Please let me know if any of the links do not work or if there is anything inappropriate. Also please email me if you have an interactive website to recommend: Merci, et amusez-vous bien! 

(Please look to the right for the links to these great websites.)

*Many thanks to my friends on Twitter. Most of the resources on this blog are from you! Please read this blogpost on "How Twitter helped me become an award-winning teacher".

Also, please click here to read about how you can use social media with your classes.

RECENTLY ADDED WEBSITES (these items are also in my pages to the right):

Some of my blogposts:

Click here to read about the Ricoh Theta 360° camera
Click here to read about Google Expeditions.
Click here to read about my top 10 Tweeted sketchnotes in 2015.
Click here for a blogpost I wrote about winning the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence.
Click here for an article in Professionally Speaking about my teaching.
Click here for a video about my teaching.
Click here for a blogpost called "GAFE & iPad App-Smashing".
Click here to read a guest blogpost I wrote for Google's EdTechTeam blog.
Click here for a blogpost I wrote on using iMovie and Blue/Greenscreening in class.
Click here to learn about how to make movies with SockPuppets and Tellagami.
Click here to find out how to make "Choose your own adventure" stories with Google forms.
Click here for "How to customize searches in the Chrome Omnibox".
Click here for "How to make a rap song with GarageBand for iPad".
Click here for "45 Must-Have iPad apps for Foreign Language Teachers"
Click here for "Flubaroo for dummies"
Click here for "La Rentrée".
Click here for "The speech I didn't give".
Click here for a blogpost on "Kahoot!"
Click here for a blogpost on Sketchnoting.
Click here for an interview with Doug Peterson.
Click here to read a blogpost about how to set up an oral assessment forms that grades automatically.
Click here for a blogpost about creating digital stories with Google Apps for Education and the iPad.
Click here for a blogpost about Erica Armstrong and gamifying the FSL class.
Click here to learn how to create a class YouTube account for students to upload their own videos to.
Click here to read about a fabulous class project to do on Valentines Day, called "Why We Appreciate" using Google forms.
Click here for a blogpost called "How Twitter helped me become an award-winning teacher".

Also, here are some step-by-step tutorials I have created:

E. iMovie

Additional resources:

1. This is a cool game: how well can you determine a language?
2. Click here for "Pierre Lapin" par Beatrix Potter, l'histoire complète!
3. Petit-bleu et Petit-jaune: Adorable video made by kindergarteners.
4. Click here for "Code de bonne conduite en ligne".
5. Click here for a PP on "La nuit avant Noël". Click here for an audio recording.
6. Click here to watch the Extra series en français. (My students adore these
episodes! It's kind of like "Friends" but in French! Thx Joanne Thomas
for uploading the videos and providing the worksheets.)
7. News in slow French <-- Cool idea!
10. <--Looks very interesting!
11. Click here for "Les textos en français".
12. Click here for a really fun way to create a story.
13.  Wikipedia-like site for young French students.
14. "Ça bouge": lots of videos about Canada, en français.
15. Audiolingua is a great resource to find audio recordings of authentic language speakers. Click here for the results of a search for children speaking in French.
16. Interesting-looking site to practice speaking in different languages with other people.
17. Click here for "Le petit Nicholas": entire book + audio + questions.
18. Le grenier de Bisou Cute site with videos and games.
19. Click here for a very extensive document called "The FSL Survival Guide".
20. Click here for a great site for Bonhomme Carnaval activities.
21. Le match de foot <-- Cute animation!
22. Toupie et Binou: Cute site! (click on "jouer").
23. Click here for a very cool way to display individual YouTube videos.
24. Click here for Profiles of the Francophone and Acadian communities in Canada.
25. The Secret Door: the coolest site I have seen in a while. Amazing dialogue possibilities.
27. Click here for some French expressions with clipart.


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